the joys of paper, exposed!

To Paul's friends and fans, it is with pain and sadness to announce that Paul has passed away on 1 Dec 2018. He was 56 years old and just celebrated his birthday some 3 months back.


My friend paper, and me.

Paper had been with me all my life but it was discovered way before my existence (since AD 105). Because it was virtually everywhere, in many aspects of my daily life, I naturally took paper for granted and never quite take notice of it.

I have never seen anyone getting all excited about the many uses of paper when it cross their paths. I was no different. We only see paper as another material, in its different types and forms, used to accomplish the tasks it was developed to do.

Until 4 years ago, in 2010, I suddenly saw a side of paper which I have never realised nor appreciated. From that fleeting moment of connection, it started a roller-coaster relationship where I constantly seek to uncover the many mysteries and boundless possibilities that paper wields. As a person with diverse creative pursuits, I was very excited with this new medium for creative exploration. Working with paper, I discovered how a simple piece of paper can be coaxed and transformed to unimaginable outcomes.

It has captured my obsessive and ardent attention since. My adventure with paper is always exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, but it always brings me great joy with each new discovery.

This is our ongoing story...

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